Unsecured Lending
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As the name suggests, unsecured loans are riskier than any other loans due to the absence of any collateral supported and given only on the basis of borrower’s creditworthiness.

What if the debtor defaults on payment?

In that case, the situation is handled by a third-party commission collection agency and trust us the situation sometimes get worse. With pandemic hitting us hard, lending itself has become a big data problem, making it a business naturally suited for artificial intelligence and machine learning. With Dasceq’s Digiconnct and other related digital offerings, we can never go wrong in determining an individual’s creditworthiness and streamlining the internal processes to make the right point of contact.

The quicker and Less Hassle – the more Customer Appealing

For risk assessment

With deep alternative data mining and 1000+ customer centric variables along with vast digital footprints of each consumer, we can never go wrong in determining how likely a portfolio is to default. Curbing the first stage of fall-offs we try to fix the process at every single step to make a customer’s journey worthwhile.

In-depth Analysis

With thousands of variables including social media, internet browsing and geotags, we bring a massive amount of data that any typical legacy system may lack, especially in case of ‘thin file borrowers’ – those with little or no credit history. From the critical ability to providing a variety of digital offering to being risk-free, the integrated automation comes with a empathetic touch to get inside customer’s shoes.

Rapidly trained & adaptive to changes

particularly in user behavior, preference and relevance. Keeping the consumer engaged and addressing potential vulnerabilities helps to encourage customer to stay. Tailored messages across omni-channel view along with predictive offerings helps them become conscious. We don’t only stop there, Dasceq’sDigiconnct collects on your behalf whilst attending to the compliance risk and making a customer’s journey profound.

Challenges turning into opportunities in Unsecure Lending 2021

Do you or your company also feel the burden of keeping up with the new economic landscape? One of the major struggles you realized is adjusting to the digitization of services. The lending landscape is certainly changing, with the digital lending platform market predicted to account for $15.3 billion by 2026, up from $3.5 billion in 2018. This is the time to tap on the opportunities in order to push the boundaries and embrace digital lending and collections. By offering innovative, tailored solutions to having expertise of capturing diverse digital data, Dasceq’s got you covered. With our advanced automation, the agile decision engine we build capitalizes on consistency and data churning throughout.


The platform’s feature engineering and scoring pipeline generation are better than anything we’ve seen out there lately. Dasceq’s Optimization enables us to enumerate and model the bottlenecks enabling us to come up with bigger solution space in lesser time.

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