Business Intelligence offshoring

Businesses have been through a lot in the past couple of years. Some of them shrank while some flourished and made profits like never before. But what was common with most of them was that the time called for stronger decisions faster.

Grow your Analytical Team with us

With the boom of digital transformation in businesses, a holistic approach to business intelligence and integration has unfolded that has brought a huge demand for the right skill set to sustain it.

To get immediate actionable insights into data and make the best use of the existing data, this demand has to be fulfilled with the most robust team of people who know their jobs right and understand the analytics of business.

From addressing customer needs to having the right architecture to support them, an offshore team for business intelligence and analytics is the backbone of the various verticals of the business and plays a crucial role in defining it.

Dasceq helps in end-to-end team integration and management in India and facilitates a high-skilled team of data scientist and analyst to work in the onsite hours for easy transition and monitoring.

  • Up to 60% cost reduction
  • 2x more expertise to the table

Benefits of Offshoring your Analytical Team In India

Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every business that’s here to thrive and with this, it has become inevitable to put a lot of revenue on Business Intelligence/analytics and technical software along with team expansions to cater to. This is one business vertical that’s slated to boom in the future be it whichever industry. Extend your BI and/or AI team with on-demand technical expertise and optimize global delivery.

Save millions of dollars invested in growing your analytical systems and team in-house by hiring twice the more experienced developers and analysts from India at a much reasonable cost and leave the worries of onboarding and transitioning them to Dasceq. Our goal is to minimize failures and maximize ROI on all your investments. Our Seamless management and robust integration mechanism enable you to build a cross-functional multi-faceted team within just 1 month with less than half the cost and time invested. Begin by hiring a small team with as low as 3 FT count for the daily mundane tasks of businesses and expand on-demand for thorough automation, data acquisition, and modeling thereby, giving you the best possible business outcomes with far less operational cost.

Why should you hire Dasceq for offshoring your Business Intelligence and Analytics?

The advantage of hiring dedicated data experts via Dasceq is that you can hire a developer/s or a team as long you want to run a project. So, during months when there is no campaign, dasceq offshoring will let you save money on cost overheads incurred for in-house developers. By hiring remote developers and technicians for your analytical purposes, you can rest assured that all data requirements can be taken care of, besides facilitating quick and hassle-free execution and objectives. A dedicated Accounts Manager should ideally be your single point of contact in the Dasceq framework, who will manage all your operational needs. Dedicated developers working remotely save you the hassles of recruitment, infrastructure costs, retention, perks, and liabilities – while offering sophisticated quality service. With the advent of cloud-based hosting and automation of workflows within your in-house systems, Dasceq’s BI offshoring becomes inescapable because of the following reasons:

We help you recruit a team of expert data scientists/ data analyst, who help you achieve excellent results with quicker execution. For instance, a change in technology and software update might cost the company a lot in getting in-house training conducted or hiring full-time experts, but by hiring remote employees for your analytical model, this cost is reduced to up to 60% and you get easy and quick updates happening hassle-free.
  Dasceq’s offshoring model keeps the hassle of onboarding and integrating both the off-site and onsite teams at bay. With a single point of contact or team lead policy the communication is made easy and efficient to the point that mundane tasks are fully-taken control by the offshore team within just 3 months of hitting operations. The buddy-up system helps to system-train the skilled developers effortlessly.
Hiring a remote and dedicated developer and data scientist will offer you a cost advantage as you are saved from hiring and retaining costs within the USA. Neither do you have to bear the cost of training the resource in-house. Our remote hires are skilled in all kinds of high-end analytical services starting at as low as possible as compared with a skilled and most professional team of developers based out of the USA. Not to forget, you also avoid the bench time of your employees you hire for a technical skillset.
With our quick service and vast technical skillset, we help you meet your specific deadlines with our resources and infrastructure, without compromising on the quality. With our work architecture and estimated time-frames, every project is delivered within a selective timeline and validated on deployment.
Our dedicated developer model will quickly scale the team to help meet your new demand and supply. You Can hire a small team with size as low as 3 FTs and scale it further on the basis of demand and data-driven decisions. We create a scalable and manageable business plan that can be executed to meet the specific requirements and deadlines of your clientele. Scaling business becomes easy with complete digital transformations and 100% support from your full-stack remote developers.
A dedicated Account Manager who will be your single-point-of-contact so as to facilitate easy and effective communication. We make sure the team follows scalability and adherence to the best industry standards and practices. A single point of contact reduces the friction of the workflow and makes the entire process hassle-free.

Expertise Our Remote Hires Offer

We are based out of India which is a rich pool of tech talent and for us, delivering the right team of skilled and domain experts as well as prebuilt and custom solutions to track and focus on the important business outcomes regarding your business becomes an easy job for us.

Business Intelligence

Data Visualization

Data Analytics

Analytical dashboards


Decision Tree

AI/ML Modeling

Marketing/Risk/Fraud/Credit/Surviving/Pricing/Underwriting Modeling and Analytics

All kinds of administrative and operational support related to BI and analytical vertical

How it works:

Book a Call with Dasceq to understand how we get you a team of expert remote hires in a simple seamless 4-step process:

Consult | Recruit | Operate | Maintain

Analysing your resourcing demands

We understand the scope of your project, finalize the costing, decide the best business model for you and keep things fully transparent

Creating a dedicated team for you

Our HR team screens the in-house Dasceq talent that fits your expertise and has most suitable domain-specific knowledge. After the completion of the recruitment process and the cultural training, we get the necessary software licenses and security controls in place to bring the resource operation-ready.

Initiating the analytical development and operations

We follow the agile methodology of work and assign a team lead as a single point of contact. Interim discussions and constant communication ensure that the team heads in the right direction and also help clients to gauge and monitor the performance closely with Dasceq.

Providing 360-degree support and maintaining the least attrition

We make sure the team is engaged and motivated to work with the on-shore department thus providing great insights to business and enabling the onshore team to focus more on the core business. Our workforce is aligned to the time zones of our clients.

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