Dasceq Helps Lenders, Hospitals, Utility Companies, Govt and Debt Collectors Collect More $$ Faster and Cheaper

Dasceq CB2AI™ predicts consumer behavior accurately and consistently to reduce collection cost and collect more $$

Dasceq in Numbers

Smart and Fast KYDCB™ Tracker

8+ Billions data points in KYDCB™

150MM Transaction Processed

$45 Billions Collected

Best Collection Score: CBA™ Suite

Dasceq’s Collection AI as Service

Why our customers (Debt Collectors, First Party Collectors,
3rd Party Collectors) Like Us:

Reduces Compliance Risk

CB2AI™ (Consumer Behavior AI Algorithm) are able to identify deep Consumer Behavior powered by KYDCB ™ Tracker (Know Your Delinquent Consumer Behavior) enabling consistent customer treatment and risk mitigation offer reducing compliance risk.
Further, it enables your team to adhere to the regulatory
framework with ease, ensuring every customer is treated fairly.

Collect 10% or more dollars

CB2AI™ (Consumer Behavior AI Algorithm) & KYDCB ™ enables
collectors to deepen digital treatment by able to identify
multiple segments of and high risk payers to be able to
connect them to right collection agent to enable higher
dollar collection.

Omni-channel interaction strategy customers that reduces
the frequency of calling, improves contact rate, and provides
better consumer experience with higher amount collected.

Case Study:
Increase $$ Collected

Increase Agent efficiency
by 30%

Additionally CB2AI™ (Collection Behavior AI Algorithm) & KYDCB ™ enables collectors to deepen digital treatment by identifying digital ready accounts and increase digitalization adoption. The CBA™ Scores helps you allocate RIGHT collection treatments to RIGHT Consumer to optimize efficiency.

Auto Lender Case Study:
More Dollars & Reduce Opex Cost


Auto sub prime company with a work load that requires 100 collectors and growing at 20% per annum


Inconsistent treatment, rising opex. cost, high attrition and reduction in lower collection dollars


Dasceq P&D Scores to intelligently segment delinquent account to digitalize and reduce cost & collect more

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Improve Consumer Experience

Dasceq’s AI identifies which medium works best for which
customer segment, suggests the right tone and sentiment
to adopt for the best response and delivers these tailored
pieces of communication to different customer segments
at the right time.

Clients and partners

About Us

When we started
Dasceq journey started many years ago as Artificial Intelligence was in its infancy. We at Dasceq thought of combining best of technology with best of human abilities to tackle a complex process and problem ie Collecting on Consumer Debt.

Due to Dasceq’s team combined 100+ past experience of delivering more than 500+ Data Science & Technology projects and our firm believe that Innovation happens at the intersection of Science and Arts (left and right brain) we choose a name that truly Team Dasceq ie Data – Science – Equilibrium.

Year 2021 and forward
Team Dasceq has successfully boot strapped, developed and delivered CB2AI™ (Collection Behavior AI Algorithm) that has made a difference with multiple companies. We are committed to continue to improve the lives of our clients with smarter solutions

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