Transforming Collections with AI/ML and Big Data

Dasceq’s next-gen SaaS 2iTM platform optimizes collection efforts with data-driven insights to improve collections.

In the last 10 years, significant improvement is being made in consumer behavior identification, marketing, technology, and data science. Dasceq is bringing all the necessary innovation into the product to make the collections process effective and efficient with enhanced consumer experience.

Next-gen Collections

Dasceq’s AI-driven, next-gen SaaS 2i™ cloud platform leverages AI/ML models combined with unique deep derived variables

Improve Productivity

Simplify collections management and leverage actionable AI-driven insights on how to contact customers to boost productivity by 30%.

Improve $$ Collected

Identify consumer behavior to improve contact rates and make more collections happen, faster.

collections and recovery analytics

Struggling collections shops with limited use of analytics

Consumer debt is increasing and the collection industry is growing rapidly but the technology and processes used in the collection industry haven’t kept pace leaving many collections shops struggling.

  • Inefficient processes due to the absence of technology and analytics
  • With limited insights into data, calls are random and ineffective leading to poor collections.
  • Dated, manual methods are compromising the customer experience which drives loyal customers away, and in some cases, unfair treatment leads to lawsuits.

We are driving next-generation of collections using AI/ML and Big Data

With our years of research and collection industry expertise, we are combining AI/ML with our uniquely derived variables to identify the right consumer behaviors; and hence, optimize collection efforts in the right direction at appropriate time using the best channels.

Dasceq’s 2iTM algorithms to identify multi-channel interaction strategy

AI-powered recommendations to predict early and late delinquency

SaaS platform to centralize complete collections management

cloud technology in debt collection

Reimagine collections with Dasceq

A continuous learning approach to improve collections through:

Consumer 360

Our AI-driven platform uses unique variables to deepen consumer behavior, and aggregates data from different kinds of sources for a 360-degree view of your customer.

2iTM Recommendation

Leveraging AI and deep collections-centric experience, our best-in-class algorithms provide recommendations such as likely payer or settler, forbearance/deferment etc.

AI Optimizer and 2iTM Sandbox

2iTM data models with multivariate testing enable continuous learning to optimize contact & treatment strategy while learning from successful collections trends.

Max Influencer

Improve your contact rates with our channel and frequency optimizer that helps you connect with the right person, at the right time, through the right channel.

2iTM Personalization

Personalize customer interactions with data-driven insights on how to connect and what to say, improving customer experience and recovery rate for collections.

Driverless Collection

Manage your collections team performance with KPIs and features such as agent forecast and agent schedule enabled by our next-gen, AI-driven SaaS platform.

Some of Our Clients

Case Study


Analytics team at capacity, high turnover, subpar productivity and declining collection $$ per month.


Phased implementation for Dasceq’s 2i™ platform for improving call scheduling and delinquent account treatment.


8% increase in collections amount with reduction in the total number of agents by 15% with just the first phase.

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