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The Covid-19 pandemic has not only sped up the digital adoption timeline in the auto finance industry but it has also changed how we are now treating customer service over anything.

Enhance your Collection Capabilities & Monitor Real-time Performance

The innovative digital platforms or software are on a race to revamp and renovate on the basis on the shifting customer needs.  We, at Dasceq empower you with tools and automation that serves beyond your traditional revenue sources and helps you collect via multi-channel platforms to serve customer’s broader financial needs. Additionally, it leverages an Omni-Channel Customer Interaction strategy that reduces the frequency of calls, improves contact rates, and provides better overall consumer interaction experience.

Flexible features your organization can count on

Auto lenders can drive improved outcomes as they segment
auto finance delinquencies using Digiconnct™, Dasceq’s next-gen,
AI-driven robust platform- resulting in faster revenue outcomes and risk reduction.

Intelligent decision-making platform

For Auto Lender’s Covid-19 challenges are turning out to be today’s opportunities. Dasceq’s DigiConnct provides the right intelligent decision-making platform that is frictionless and get you maximum outcome at the very first point of contact. With access to both customer data and assets, we help in utilization than depreciation

Dynamic algorithms and in-depth data variables

The dynamic algorithms and in-depth data variables helps you understand customer needs, behavior and preferences. This helps you deliver your message across in a more refined and empathetic way. For us, customer’s experience is the key.

Predictive Analysis

Models based on predictive analysis which use big data empowers you to foresee repayment creating a 360 degree portrait of the client. Dasceq’s platform considers a broader array of input data leaving no stone unturned in enhancing the accuracy of prediction consistently with hyper-personalized solutions for each customer.


The platform’s feature engineering and scoring pipeline generation are better than anything we’ve seen out there lately. Dasceq’s Optimization enables us to enumerate and model the bottlenecks enabling us to come up with bigger solution space in lesser time.

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