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Constant economic changes are impacting consumer behavior significantly and traditional collection methods are insufficient to drive collections and manage customer experience.

CB2AI™ (Collection Behavior Algorithm) & KYDCB™ enables collectors to benefit from a deeper digital, multi-segmented, treatment strategy that identifies and segments high risk payers to be able to connect them to the right collection agent, yielding a higher dollar collection.

Additionally, it leverages an Omni-Channel Customer Interaction strategy that reduces the frequency of calls, improves contact rates, and provides better overall consumer interaction experience.

If you are interested in becoming a Dasceq’s Alliance Partner, please email us at solutions@dasceq.com. Include contact information and briefly describe your company’s solution or service offering and how it could complement Dasceq’s offerings.

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The Ultimate Tax Season Checklist for Collectors in the Healthcare Industry. The Ultimate Tax Season Checklist for Collectors in the Healthcare Industry.
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