Simplify Your Debt Collections with Dasceq

Debt collections digitally are fast gaining momentum because the need for having multi-channel access to the payment gateways for the customers has become important keeping in mind the customer’s consent. The shared financial data obtained by the regulating parties is used to generate the analytics that are required to provide the best customer services to the consumers keeping in mind their preferred payment propensities. Digitalisation in the debt collection system, however, needs to be more simplified owing to the analytical approach that it follows. It should offer access, agility and a transparency to payment data that helps not only collection or financial firms but the consumer himself to drive revenue on time and lessen the burden on manpower. Predictive data analysis is a key component in establishing the predictive consumer behaviour model to upgrade the digitisation of the current collection systems. Dasceq’s API model fits perfectly into these needs and provides insights that are profit-promising and consumer-friendly.

Why are Digital Debt collections the way ahead for India’s financial Institutions?

With such major paradigm shifts in the digital world, we know that the future of Indian banking is driven more virtually with services getting digital and in a swipe of your phones. With this, API integration is no longer an alienated word for banks in India and most of them are now opening up to licensed third-party providers. Omni-channel approach of contacting customers for debt recovery now needs a twist owing to the multi-channel preference. With quick access to the mobile phones, checking the payment related details has now become an easy & quick swipe option for more than 60% of the consumers. With such an approach, also comes a greater risk of compliance and regulations imposed keeping in mind consumer’s confidentiality to financial information and other related legalities.The job might have just got tougher.

Dasceq’s AI-driven data solution for digital debt collections is highly secure and regulated. It aids in continuous updation, rigorous churning and thorough consumer consent that helps to improve prefered time of contact and payment propensities in the most under-served approach. It catalyses quick and direct contact to the right customer, reduction of call or contact friction and segregates the most potential portfolios under one frame.

This aids in maximising consumer Satisfaction, and Reducing the operational costs that will help in the growth of the new and existing customer. By leveraging the APIs and data, we further galvanise financial inclusion and customer acquisition.

What’s in the Dasceq recommendation engine for digital debt recovery

Dasceq RE™ delivers next best action to engage delinquent customers based on risk, consumer behaviour to reduce collection cost and improve the rupees collected With Dasceq’s hybrid model that integrates well with your traditional consumer data and our unified software API platform, we build an ecosystem that identifies portfolios on the basis of their merit and risk and is trustworthy and interoperable. Dasceq’s framework lets you:

Dasceq CPTE™ automatically detects consumers’ intent, connection channel preferences, riskiness and best next action based on thousand’s of factors. Let AI personalise the interaction beyond handful of rules.
Dasceq RE delivers content recommendations to tailor fit the individual not segment. Let AI personalise the content instantly and shape the experience not rules.
Dasceq RE digital and high risk collection blueprint identify consumer and engage sooner than the rest of the competitors prioritising your payment and better outcomes.

How it works?

Dasceq gets your team of developers on board and integrates your traditional data with its API ecosystem in just 3 steps to deliver outcomes:

Dasceq receives your consumer data

Option to Host in a Cloud (AwS, Google, MS) vs SaaS Data Exchange
No Personal Information (SSN, Name, Address etc.) required

Dasceq Provide Risk Based Next Best Action

The API recommendation engines enable best decision making in terms of segregation of high-alert accounts, contact and payment propensities and the most suitable channel of contact.

Ford Implements Recommendation

Option to do integration through batch or API, with LMS or Channel

Upsell and Cross-sell with Dasceq

Dasceq Upselling is the practice of persuading customers to purchase an upgraded or more expensive version of a product or service. The goal is to maximise profits, generate lateral revenue and create a great consumer experience.

Our robust and penetrative API business model aids in customer acquisition by creating custom and most personalised banking experiences for clients and giving them more access to services that would benefit them. Our effective targeting strategy and dynamic business model lets you reach out to old and new clients on the basis of regular and competitive marketing. Dasceq AI-driven systems help you understand consumer behaviour to suggest the right and most customised product be pitched at the right time. We penetrate into the new and most diversified market verticals to promote innovation and diversification of your banking services.

Ready for the next level?