Simplifying Collections
for FinTech

Being highly flexible and innovative in the overall functioning is the need of the hour! Smart communication blended with automated workflows keeps the business afloat. The innovative capabilities of Fintech companies is vast.

What does it take to carve that impressive growth trajectory?

The answer is keeping up with the digital trends, staying empathetic and proactive to your customer’s preferences. A robust communication strategy is a critical part of debt recovery along with keeping a hawk-eye on risk accounts to ensure they don’t fall into defaulters in the future. Segmenting such an information is vital for which most companies lack a dedicated team to sit and analyze a diverse automated data – Dasceq does this and more to keep you up to date with the evolving market dynamics using multiple data points and devising solutions to empower your customers and you.

The quicker and Less Hassle – the more Customer Appealing

Customized Strategies

Collecting while also making sure that the debtors doesn’t feel burdened is a tricky job. A best-for-all strategy typically fails here knowing the state of each debtor’s account is unique to the wealth held by it. Customized strategy along with tailored messaging used via relevant channel at the right time to contact gives both the parties more time to recuperate and bounce back to normal. The end goal of superior customer experience cannot be drive by those stringent collection strategies using legacy systems and bullying the customer to pay.

Digital Channels of Empathy-driven Collections

Frictionless Collection Optimization is the our go-to approach. A sophisticated decisioning engine reduces drop-offs and unlocks revenue that could otherwise be lost in repetitive defaulters. This also increases the likelihood of a response, and collection rates are improved. It is a no-brainer that being a technology-first and customer centric company is the key.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

End to end Integration to run complex algorithms processing large sets of data improves the call effectiveness and the collection rate. With so many digital offerings and omnichannel communication the data is way to complex for any manual intervention and can only be analyzed by machine learning mechanisms that generate the best strategies. A single-view dashboard unique to each consumer giving a 360 degree view of the portfolio is one of the initial steps to a progressive, nuanced, detailed approach to the collections process that Dasceq offers.

Calling it More Human and Less Robotic

Because why not? Who wants to speak to a human with robotic speech and little or no empathy to consumer’s debt journey.The consumers have started preferring digital channels for contact but it also means they still want a human touch to their experience. Our debt collection software brings incredibly personalized experience by predicting customer behavior and tag accounts on the basis of past data fragmentation and interaction. The AI-driven solution helps improve your core services and functional components of business continuity management, operational risk, and regulatory compliance. Does that make you ready for the paradigm shift Dasceq brings to you?


The platform’s feature engineering and scoring pipeline generation are better than anything we’ve seen out there lately. Dasceq’s Optimization enables us to enumerate and model the bottlenecks enabling us to come up with bigger solution space in lesser time.

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