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Success in every collection experience

Dasceq uses AI-powered methods and tools to understand the behavior of a delinquent account, to determine the best communication channel (i.e. email, text, phone, etc.), to recommend the best time to reach the consumer or the time when he is most likely to pay and to provide the best messaging and payment option that will provide the highest success for every collection experience.

debt collection services
  • Web interaction
    Email, chats
  • Mobile interaction
    Calls, SMS
  • Credit data
    Loan, payment, delinquency
  • Public data
    Social, 3rd party, bank
ai in collections
  • Big data
    Multivariate data models
  • Data patterns and trends
    Consumer behavior identification
  • 2iTM recommendation
    Artificial & intuitive intelligence
  • Continuous Learning
    Profit optimization
ai and debt collection
  • Recommendation strategy
    Improved performance
  • Influence
    Voice, text, email
  • Personalize
    Call and message
  • AI interaction
    Chatbot, AI call

Drive next-gen collections with intelligent recommendations


Typically in the subprime industry, 15%-20% of a portfolio can be identified as late payer. This type of delinquent account carries little default risk. Dasceq’s predictive algorithms can identify these accounts; thereby, significantly reducing workload.


Dasceq tools also include the ability to identify accounts that need forbearance or other risk mitigation. By putting these accounts in a separate calling list, the time to collect is reduced, which further reduces the risk of non-payment.


Dasceq 2iTM Algorithms are able to identify multi-channel interaction strategy that reduces the frequency of calling, improves contact rate, and provides better consumer experience with higher amount collected.

Manage collections team and collections journey easily

Our 2iTM SaaS platform helps you manage your collections team performance and schedules to optimize efficiency. Further, it enables your team to adhere to the regulatory framework with ease, ensuring every customer is treated fairly.

  • Single customer view unifying all data sources
  • Personalized recommendations on when and where to contact
  • Agent KPIs, forecast, and schedule to drive efficiency

Intuitive user interface for quick adoption

Seamless integration with your software ecosystem

Multi-system and third party data integration

Scalable data aggregation to improve results

Big data analysis with models using more than 2000 variables

Voice driven interaction algorithms


the process of our ico program

Implementation Roadmap

Our process of improving collections

POC Discovery


Champion Challenger


Full Production


Ongoing Validation

POC Discovery

At no-cost retro score, based on Dasceq algorithm, we estimate benefit based
on historical data

Champion Challenger

The recommendations are tested in a portion of the portfolio

Full Production

The recommendations are then implemented on the complete portfolio

Ongoing Validation

We maximize benefit through monthly/quarterly/yearly reviews

Product Plans

Enable AI-powered collection practices with our three product plans
Easy Connect to core systems with text & email integration
Consumer 360
Client loan data
Consumer 360
Third party data
2i Recommendation sloppy payer or settler, who will pay, forbearance / deferment
Max Influencer channel and frequency optimizer
AI Optimizer multivariate testing, continuous learning, and learning from industry trends
Driverless Collection with KPIs, agent forecast and schedule

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Dasceq’s 2iTM cloud platform can empower your collection team with
actionable insights on how to drive more collections.

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