Personalized Recommendations

Personalization is an expectation in today’s Banking landscape. Dasceq AI brings our clients one step closer to creating the ultimate online experience.

The deepest in-app chat platform anywhere

Our API-based chat service lets you build in-app chat with all the features of a modern messenger without sacrificing control over your data or user experience.

Implement personalized recommendations across your portfolio anywhere from a Deliquent to Non Payer Segments and more. These messages are meant to span the Payment journey, encouraging them through the Payment process and engaging them at critical touch points.

Get inspiration from a library of pre-built experience templates, including dozens of ready-to-use recommendation templates.

Select from a wide range of algorithms – including automated, similarity, viewed and Payment together, popularity, recently paid and more.

Dynamically change the layout of recommendation widgets based on a user’s attributes – all while continuously testing to present the most relevant recommendations.

Machine-Learning Personalization

Use of intelligent machine-learning algorithms. With AI-driven automation, teams can make informed decisions about how to reach out to customers based on individual behavior.

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Customer DNA

Banks’ systems should feed a single, enterprise-wide view of each customer—a view that dynamically reflects each customer at any given moment.

A Personalized Curriculum

Customer offerings are tailored to a segment of one. They define desired customer behaviors and a strategy to incentivize those behaviors.

Real-Time Personalization

Real-time personalization relies on current, real-time data as well as historical data to create a personalized customer experience as it is happening.

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Get to market fast with an easy-to-use chat API and native chat SDKs for Android, iOS, JavaScript, .Net, Unity and Flutter. Our native or React UI components will speed your design.

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