Leverage AI/ML and Big Data for best collections journey

Google Analytics leverages AI, ML, and Big Data to understand better how consumers are interacting with brands. Further, it makes use of behavior AI and performance AI algorithms to provide with intelligent recommendations, enabling continuous improvement.

Similarly, Dasceq leverages AI/ML techniques such as predictive behavior models, Attribution Models, Multivariate Models, Deep Learning, Random Forest, Survival Models, Consumer Personas, and Voice NLP Algorithms to determine who will pay, when they will pay, the amount they are most likely to pay and how to influence them to pay.

Next-gen, AI-driven 2iTM   models

Our 2iTM  models identify deep consumer patterns to provide best recommendations and understand their persona to be able to maximize influence across channels. These AI/ML models continuously learn to optimize profits.

  • Aggregates data from traditional and digital channels
  • Synthesizes data
  • Validates and optimizes based on business use cases
  • Identifies data trends and patterns
  • Develops insights relevant to the domain
Dasceq’s 2i cloud platform
debt collection services
  • Web interaction
    Email, chats
  • Mobile interaction
    Calls, SMS
  • Credit data
    Loan, payment, delinquency
  • Public data
    Social, 3rd party, bank
ai in collections
  • Big data
    Multivariate data models
  • Data patterns and trends
    Consumer behavior identification
  • 2iTM recommendation
    Artificial & intuitive intelligence
  • Continuous Learning
    Profit optimization
ai and debt collection
  • Recommendation strategy
    Improved performance
  • Influence
    Voice, text, email
  • Personalize
    Call and message
  • AI interaction
    Chatbot, AI call


the process of our ico program

Dasceq Ecosystem

A SaaS AI platform capable of quickly and effectively ingesting multiple data sources for success

Intake data sources


Data Validation


2iTM   Modeling Services


Recommended actions

With data ingestion API, the platform intakes data in formats of CSV, XML, and JSON for loan application, client, loan, voice, payment, and third party data,

The data fed into the platform can be structured/unstructured, trained/untrained, which is why it is redacted and cleansed through, for more usable data for the AI/ML models.

Leveraging models and process APIs for a multi-model integration, our 2iTM models analyze, sift, and score the provided data by developing, validating, and testing models.

Recommendations using AI/ML tools on contact, payment, and treatment strategy are sent across as suggested actions to B2B apps, dashboards, and management.

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