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We help companies transform their operations, reduce their cost and solve the complexities of debt collections for a better consumer experience. With our AI solutions and rich partner ecosystem, our customers can run operations more efficiently, accelerate decision making, and gain a competitive edge.

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Dasceq where Innovation happens at the intersection of Science and Arts (left and right brain) we choose a name that truly signifies us, i.e. Data – Science – Equilibrium. We at Dasceqare in a constant mission of combining the best of technology with the best of human abilities to tackle a complex process and problem i.e. Collecting Consumer Debt.

Due to Dasceq’s team’s combined 100+ past experience of delivering more than 500+ Data Science & technology projects, we have been revamping and renovating the existing collection’s legacy systems to streamline everyday workplace tasks and transform the client experience by embracing empathetic conversations over digital bullying and digitization of process for seamless and improved customer service. Dasceq’s robust algorithm helps customer engagement teams connect with customers in the most meaningful way by filtering out questions that are easiest to answer and leaving more time for representatives to connect directly with customers who have highly complex requests.

A better autonomous ecosystem

Why our customers (Debt Collectors, First Party Collectors, 3rd Party Collectors) Like Us:

Reduces Compliance Risk

CB2AI™ (Consumer Behavior AI Algorithm) are able to identify deep Consumer Behavior powered by KYDCB ™ Tracker (Know Your Delinquent Consumer Behavior) enabling consistent customer treatment and risk mitigation offer reducing compliance risk.

Dasceq empowers you to get over legacy systems and have robust data-driven software to predict payments – faster and efficient. Further, it enables your team to adhere to the regulatory framework with ease, ensuring every customer is treated individually and fairly.

Collect an average of 22% or more dollars

Most financial companies’ traditional model’s inability to predict which debts will go into collections puts lenders behind the curve. Dasceq deepens the digital treatment of profiles by multiple segmentation of high-risk payers and furthermore connecting them to the right collection agent to enable higher dollar collection.

Dasceq’s algorithm can be regularly retrained, upgrading its accuracy in dynamic situations as new information comes to light resulting in better consumer experience with higher amount collected.

Increase agent efficiency
by Average 33%

Additionally, Dasceq’s CB2AI™ (Collection Behavior AI Algorithm) & KYDCB ™ enables collectors to deepen digital treatment by identifying digital ready accounts and increase digitalization adoption

We are bringing a new era in debt collection, one that includes an early warning for delinquency, refined methods of categorizing borrowers and optimized strategies for customer engagement to reduce defaults and build conversations with collections.

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