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Increase RoC (Return on Collection) with Intelligent CBA™

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Today, hospitals and health systems face catastrophic financial challenges, more than any other period in modern history. COVID-19 has disrupted an already fragile financial situation for many hospitals across the nation. Cancelled non-emergency procedures, postponement of voluntary treatment has dramatically cut revenues and the demands of treatment for COVID-19 patients has increased costs of care exponentially.

Simultaneously, the rate of uninsured and underinsured patients continues to rise. AHA has estimated the cumulative effect of COVID-19 will cost American hospitals and health systems over $200 Billion.

CB2AI™ (Collection Behavior Algorithm) & KYDCB™ enables collectors to benefit from a deeper digital, multi-segmented, treatment strategy that identifies and segments high risk payers to be able to connect them to the right collection agent, yielding a higher dollar collection.

Additionally, it leverages an Omni-Channel Customer Interaction strategy that reduces the frequency of calls, improves contact rates, and provides better overall consumer interaction experience.

The Benefits of Healthcare RCM

Improve Productivity by 30%

Hospitals can optimize time to collect with intelligent, AI-powered contact and treatment strategy for patient engagement. Health care RCM efforts can improve team efficiency using Agent Forecast and Agent Schedule.

Boost Collections by 30%

To empower health care RCM, AI-driven 2i™ platform identifies the right patient behaviors and provides appropriate recommendations such as which accounts should be considered for MFA or written-off as Charity Care.

Enhance patient experience

The platform centralizes the collection process and unifies all data sources to provide a single patient view, enabling easier data access and patient profiling.

Reduce Financial Risk of Non-Payment

AI-powered treatment strategies reduce financial risk associated with pursing low propensity-to-pay accounts. Optimize time to collect and increase collections by focusing on high probability-to-pay accounts.

Personalized Patient Experience

With Dasceq, your Patient Financial Services team can personalize their interaction with every patient based on actionable data. Patients are treated fairly through established processes.

Improve Contact Rates

With a multi-channel interaction strategy, hospital PFS teams can make more efforts in the right direction at the right time and place, through the right channel (phone, email, text, web).

Reduce Workload

Dasceq’s predictive algorithms produce unique and individualized account treatment strategies, increasing portfolio performance and reducing per agent workloads.