Collection Compliance

Dasceq is a licensed, bonded, and insured collection agency in all jurisdictions where we collect. Our legal team follows developments in regulations and case law to develop policies and procedures according to their constant changes.

Ensure complete compliance control, auditability and real-time updates for changing rules and regulations. Our digital collections process is controlled by code, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met, while still being flexible to quickly adjust to new rules and case law.

The world is changing

Consumers don’t pick up the phone, and phone calls are a dying tool with the FCC ruling and the CFPB’s debt collection rules. Dasceq broadens the consumer experience by offering compliant multi-channel communications. In other words, we don’t try to call consumers if they aren’t going to pick up.


We have a role-based approval process for collection communications.

Compliance Secured By Code

Our compliance firewall technology ensures regulatory disclosures and contact frequency requirements on federal and state levels.

Proactive Regulation Tracking

Our legal team approves every content item and business logic change request to ensure regulatory compliance.

Exemplary Record Keeping

Real-time logging of collection events provides full auditability of every action. Our system puts you in complete control of collection parameters.

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