AI-driven collections analytics for auto finance

Auto finance leaders are adopting AI/ML for collections management. Gain your competitive advantage and drive improved collections with our AI-driven, next-gen 2i™ platform today.

Auto finance collections management: a strategic priority for auto lenders today

At the end of 2018, there were over 7 million Americans with auto loans that were 90+ days past due. With spiking delinquencies and traditional, inefficient methods, auto lenders are struggling to drive collections and manage customer experience.

Auto finance collections management has to evolve with a data-driven contact and treatment strategy for delinquents. Dasceq brings the innovation of customer behavior recognition for auto finance collections leveraging AI, ML, and Big Data.

Auto lenders can drive improved outcomes as they segment auto finance delinquents using Dasceq’s next-gen, AI-driven 2i™ SaaS platform.

Improve productivity by 30% for auto finance collections

Auto lenders can optimize time to collect with intelligent, AI-powered contact and treatment strategy for delinquent customers. Auto finance collections can improve team efficiency using Agent Forecast and Agent Schedule.

Boost collections by 30% for auto lenders

To empower auto finance collections management, AI-driven 2i™ platform identifies the right auto lending customer behaviors and provides appropriate recommendations such as delinquent account requiring forbearance, settlement, etc.

Enhance data access

The platform centralizes the auto finance collection processes and unifies all data sources to provide a single customer view, enabling easier data access and customer profiling.

Reduce risk of non-payment

AI-powered predictions help identify the risk involved with the auto lending accounts. This enables risk mitigation and optimizes time to collect, reducing the risk of non-payment.

Personalize customer experience

With Dasceq, the auto finance collection team can personalize their interaction with every customer based on actionable data. Customers are treated fairly through established processes.

Improve contact rates

With multi-channel interaction strategy, auto finance collections team can make more efforts in the right direction at the right time and place, through right channel (phone, email, text, web).

Reduce workload

Especially for the subprime auto lending industry, 15-20% of a portfolio can be identified as late payer. Dasceq’s predictive algorithms can identify these delinquent accounts, reducing workload.

Auto lending industry leaders have started to leverage AI, ML, and Big Data for improved collections.

Wells Fargo has turned to auto machine learning for collections insights.

Chase Auto is leveraging AI/ML to empower collections management.

We are transforming auto finance collections management by bringing the capabilities of AI/ML for all auto lenders with our intuitive, easy-to-integrate 2i™ platform.

Industry expertise

Having worked with auto lenders, we understand the intricacies and nuances of the auto lending industry.

Immediate value

With even the first phase of implementation, our clients have seen at least 8% improvement in the amount collected.

POC discovery

We estimate the ROI for auto loans collections management based on historical data at no-cost retro score.

Continuous improvement

We help auto lenders continually optimize collections management with our AI-driven methods and timely reviews.

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