Increase RoC (Return on Collection) with Intelligent CBA™ score driven collections treatment

Unsecured Lending: Time to evolve with evolving economy

Constant economic changes are impacting consumer behavior significantly and traditional collection methods are insufficient to drive collections and manage customer experience.

CB2AI™ (Collection Behavior Algorithm) & KYDCB™ enables collectors to benefit from a deeper digital, multi-segmented, treatment strategy that identifies and segments high risk payers to be able to connect them to the right collection agent, yielding a higher dollar collection.

Additionally, it leverages an Omni-Channel Customer Interaction strategy that reduces the frequency of calls, improves contact rates, and provides better overall consumer interaction experience.

Unsecured Lending industry can drive results with
delinquency segmentation by Dasceq AI platform.

Reduced Workload

Artificial intelligence based cloud platform helps reduce workload and improve productivity by identifying late payers which are typically 15-20% in a unsecured Lending portfolio.

Optimized Time to Collect

Our predictive analytics optimize time to collect and boost collections by 30% as it identifies unsecured lending accounts which need forbearance or other risk mitigation.