Intelligent, AI-driven collections management for subprime lending

Our next-gen collection analytics platform helps subprime lenders drive improved contact rate, boosting the amount collected.

Subprime loans: Time to evolve with rising delinquency rate

Subprime loans often require collections activities as subprime accounts have large delinquent population, and traditional methods are struggling to optimize collections.

It’s time for subprime loans collections management to evolve into next-gen collections with a customer-centric, technology-driven approach. Dasceq brings the innovation of consumer behavior recognition to improve profit and efficiency in collections management leveraging AI, ML, and Big Data.

Subprime lending industry can drive results with delinquency segmentation by 2i™ platform.

Reduced workload

2i™ cloud platform helps reduce workload and improve productivity by identifying late payers which are typically 15-20% in a subprime lending portfolio.

Optimized time to collect

Our predictive analytics optimize time to collect and boost collections by 30% as it identifies subprime lending accounts which need forbearance or other risk mitigation.

Intelligent, omnichannel, and personalized customer engagement for subprime lending

Subprime lenders must make collections management a strategic priority. Our AI-driven platform provides subprime loans collections management team with 2i™ recommendations on which delinquent to contact, when to reach out, and through which medium.

  • Actionable insights from all customer interactions, credit, bank, public, and social data
  • Enhanced contact and treatment strategy for better contact rates and improved collections
  • Personalized customer experience with recommendations on how to connect and what to say
cloud technology in debt collection

We can help subprime lending transform collections management

Industry expertise

Having worked with subprime lenders, we understand the intricacies and nuances of the subprime lending industry.

Immediate value

With even the first phase of implementation, our clients have seen at least 8% improvement in the amount collected.

POC discovery

We estimate the ROI for subprime loans collections management based on historical data at no-cost retro score.

Continuous improvement

We help subprime lenders continually optimize collections management with our AI-driven methods and timely reviews.

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