Venkat Venkatnarayan

CoFounder and VP of Engineering.

Venkat has extensive experience in product development for both the on-premise and cloud segments across the Security and Analytics domains. He gained bulk of his product building expertise while working with some amazingly bright folks with Oracle’s Identity Management Group (IDM) where he was part of the journey from early days all the way to when IDM grew to half a billion dollar business. He was one of the early engineers at a start-up that disrupted cloud security by paving the way for the ‘CASB’ market and eventually getting acquired. Driven by a customer centric approach, Venkat believes in breaking down any complex problem and making use of appropriate technology to build solutions that can scale beyond immediate needs.

Venkat has a Masters degree in Computer Systems from Arizona State and believes in continuous learning. He loves spending time with his family and helping people rediscover themselves through mindfulness and meditation.