Madhu Lakshmanan

VP of Product

In a professional journey spanning almost 3 decades, charting a course through digital technologies, the one constant that I have learned to appreciate keenly has been relentless change. And yet, within that change there is a wisp, a hint of a common thread that runs through it all, and it is this common thread that I seek continuously to understand and explore.

From real-time video analysis through high-speed digital color printing to computer networking, virtualization, the cloud, and now 5G telco infrastructure, I have become a hack at many technical domains, learning to dig deep and master just the right amounts of each of them that are needed to address the issues at hand.

Herding cats is a skill I have developed in order to ensure positive business outcomes, yet I have learned over the years to know when to let them wander and get the job done myself.

Keeping one eye on the forest, another on the trees, at times concurrently, has given me a headache every now and then, but has helped me balance short term goals with long term strategy.

And finally, the most vital lesson that I have learned – it always takes a committed, inspired group to achieve anything of substance. Any accomplishments I have listed below are the accomplishments of fantastic groups of individuals I had the privilege to work with, from whom I have gained a lot, and to whom, hopefully I have given back something of value.