Building an AI-driven enterprise

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Amidst unprecedented technological developments and evolving consumer demands, AI pushes the limits of human computing and creative capability. Early adopters report that AI has helped improve performance and enhance customer experience. AI is the new wave of strategic disruption. However, building an AI-driven enterprise can be complex and challenging.

As enterprises make AI a strategic priority, it’s imperative that they are AI-ready with the right resources, team, and knowledge to optimize ROI. Dasceq (Data-Science-Equilibrium) is helping collections shops adopt AI with its phased implementation approach.

In this eBook:
  • Understand AI, beyond the hype
  • Explore how AI is a true game changer
  • Address how and why AI isn’t for everyone
  • Dive into the intricacies of how to adopt AI
  • Learn how to develop a good AI model
  • Understand how the AI-driven system at Dasceq works
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