Improve Dollar Collection with CBA Scores

Collections management: a strategic priority for auto lenders today

Constant economic changes are impacting consumer behavior significantly and traditional collection methods are insufficient to drive collections and manage customer experience.

CB2AI™ (Collection Behavior Algorithm) & KYDCB™ enables collectors to benefit from a deeper digital, multi-segmented, treatment strategy that identifies and segments high risk payers to be able to connect them to the right collection agent, yielding a higher dollar collection.

Additionally, it leverages an Omni-Channel Customer Interaction strategy that reduces the frequency of calls, improves contact rates, and provides better overall consumer interaction experience.

Auto lenders can drive improved outcomes as they segment
auto finance delinquencies using CB2AI, Dasceq’s next-gen,
AI-driven SaaS platform.

Improve Productivity by 30% for
Auto Finance Collections

Auto lenders can optimize time to collect with intelligent, AI-powered contact and treatment strategy for delinquent customers. Auto finance collections can improve team efficiency using Agent Forecast and Agent Schedule.

Boost Collections by 30%
for Auto Lenders

Dasceq tools also include the ability to identify accounts that need forbearance or other risk mitigation. By putting these accounts in a separate calling list, the time to collect is reduced, which further reduces the risk of non-payment.