2iTM Solution Framework

Dasceq’s 2iTM platform is able to perform sentiment analysis to provide specific “influencing information” such as the best communication channel and message.

  • Aggregate data from both traditional and digital channels
  • Synthesize the data
  • Identify patterns and trends in the data
  • Develop insights relevant to the domain
  • Validate and optimize based on business use cases

These AI/ML models combine together using an ensemble approach to continuously learn through supervised and unsupervised methods.


Dasceq Transforms Collections the same way Fair Isaac transformed credit underwriting

  • creating models with more than ~2000 variables

Powerful AI that Produces Actionable Analytics
  • Ensemble AI SaaS model for accurate predictability
  • Utilize sophisticated AI, ML, deep learning and sentimental models for optimum returns

Recommendations and Proprietary 2i Persona
  • Unique historical data of proven success with recommendation
  • Recommendation and persona are continuously becoming more effective with more data

High ROI and reduce stress
  • We successfully improve profitability of the business
  • We help to improve client’s compliance


Three products enable collectors to become more effective and efficient

Assistant Features

Feature Sub Feature
Easy Connect Connect to core systems Text & Email Integration
Consumer 360 Only client loan data
2i Recommendation Who Will Pay vs Not Pay
Who Will Pay This Week
Max Influencer Channel Optimizer Frequency Optimizer
Driverless Collection KPI
Agent Forecast
Agent Schedule

Analyst features
Feature Sub Feature
Assistant features plus
Consumer 360 3rd Party Data
2i Recommendation All Recommendation Models
:- Settler
:- Part Payer
:- Loan Modification
:- Early Debt Sale
:- Current

Pro Features
Feature Sub Feature
Analyst features plus
2i Persona Consumer Persona
Max Influencer Message Optimizer
2i Agent Optimizer Agent Segment Optimizer
Agent conversation and emotion optimizer

Our cloud-based 2iTM platform was specifically designed to easily integrate with virtually any collection system or servicing software.

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