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Case Study

Real world results prove the DASCEQ system works


Our client’s analytics team was at capacity focusing on acquisitions and credit underwriting with time to focus on the collections process. They client’s collection team was experiencing high turn over. Additionally productivity was sub par with 20% of the agents providing 80% returns, and collection $$ per month were declining

DASCEQ Solution:

Dasceq collected historical data and recommended a phased implementation approach that would provide returns more quickly. Selected features from Dasceq’s 2i™ platform were chosen to improve call scheduling and delinquent account treatment.


Even with the implementation of a limited sub set of the 2i™ platform, the client was able to reduce the total number of agents by 15% and increase the $$ collected by 8%. Similar savings are expected as the next phase of implementation is moved into production. It is estimated that the next phase will yield a 28% reduction of agents and improve $$ collection by 18%. Similar savings are expected as Phase 2 is implemented taking total reduction of agents by 28% (approx.) and improve $$ collection by 18%

$XX,000 + Saved Monthly

$XX,000 + More Collected Monthly

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